Thursday, February 24, 2011

My ESL Project about "Verb"

Hi! In my ESL class with Mr. Jabiz, I made a new project again. If last time I made about 'adjective', in this project, I talk about Verb. Verb is an action. I also took the photo by myself. Please enjoy! :)

If you have some question, ask me please. And If I have a mistakes please correct me.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Poetry about Photo in Peace Park

Today Mr. Jabiz is not come to my class. But we also make a poetry from photo that Mr. Jabiz took. This is my poetry again.

Flower and Bee

Flower, flower in daytime
It’s white like cloud in the sky
The sun come up like a lime
Suddenly a bee is fly

That black bee is looks angry
It is angry like a monster
But actually it is kind
It is kind like an angel

Snow in Flower

The color is pink and white
This flowers is like a snow
A cold snow that really beautiful
A white snow like my pillow

Chocolate Soil

Soil, soil in the ground
The color is chocolate
It is like chocolate bar
That I really like
Sweet, sweet like candy

Monday, February 14, 2011


Today I was taking some photo for my ESL class. We went to Peace Park. It was super-fun! I really really like it. Mr. Jabiz told us to thinking for the light and angle. Not just a snapshot. Snapshot is taking picture that not thinking about the light, angle, etc. Just take it and then finish. I also edit it with I-Photo. It for cropping, editing the light and the other. This is some picture that I already take and edit with I-Photo. It is not really nice but I am trying to take some nice picture. It is not really easy.

This is one of my picture

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Poetry about "So much depends...."

After I read "The Red Wheel Barrow" poem by William Carlos Williams, I also made "So much depends upon..." poetry. Enjoy!

So much depends upon
My silver old car
That always patient to wait me
Till I go in to the car
That also takes and brings me
To everywhere

So much depends upon
My lovely parents
Who always make
a big smile in my face
Who never tired to love me

So much depends upon
The cold weather
Feels like a vanilla ice cream
That sprinkled with rainbow
That I am eating it right now

Image by: LilyBaySoap

Friday, February 11, 2011

About My Hobby

Today I am really boring so I decide to make this post...

One of my hobby is painting. But I am not expert at that. I just do it base from my mood. If I have a bad mood I will make the worst picture. But If I have a good mood, I will make it detail. I like to paint anything. I think painting is fun. I just paint whatever I want. I have funny things that I want to tell you. It happen when I was still in grade 5. I began from I had a bad mood. So I decided to make a worst picture ever. I start to paint it. I mix the some the color. After I paint it, I thought that it would be a worst painting ever. But, it was become fantastic picture.  The color is mix become like a rainbow. I want to show you that painting, but it still in my old home. I don’t know where it is because it already 2 years ago.

I also draw with crayons. It is not really boring. One thing that I hate is my hand will become dirty because of the crayons. I prefer to drawing. I also won trophy for drawing. When I drawing I can choose the light color that I can mix with the dark color. It fantastic. It will become a little bit real.  Trying to do that! This link probably can make you more understanding to painting and drawing. It also show step-by-step for painting. Hope you enjoy!  :)

Image by: zifban
Image by: nimbu

Monday, February 7, 2011

Love That Dog - Poetry

After we read "Love That Dog" book, we record the poetry that we choose from the book. I record it as a podcast. The poem is ;

Blue car, blue car shining bright 
In the darkness of the night: 
Who could see you speeding by
Like a comet in the sky?

I could see you in the night
Blue car, blue car. shining bright.
I could see you speeding by
Like a comet in the sky.

I tried to find a good beat in it. Here is the podcast:

Blue Car by sharene16

I use GarageBand to record it. For me it was not very difficult because I just find the beat for it.

I also made my poetry by my self. It wasn't really difficult. This is my poem:

Best friend, best friend, I am here
Don’t you think I’m disappear
We will in here together
Whenever the bad weather
When suddenly you are drown
I will never let you down

Here is my poem that I record it as a podcast.

Best Friend by sharene16

Actually, we make it from GarageBand and the we make it into MP3 with SoundClound.

After I make this podcast, I had a lot of fun. I like when I have to find the beats. But for me the most difficult part was when I have to make my own poetry. I have to make 7 syllables for each sentences.

The first thing that I have to do was find the beat. And then I tried to make the poetry. After that we record the poetry that we make.

At the first, I think make a poetry is boring. But It is not really boring. It is fun. The problem is I don't want to read it. :)

How about you? What do you like about poem?

-Thank You-

Project About Adjective

In my ESL class with Mr. Jabiz, I made a project. It is about adjective. I have to choose a video and then describe it. I think this activity is useful because I can learn more about adjective.

I like it because I can use my imagination to make this project. I like when I have to write the adjectives. I can modify the noun and describe the video. 

The video that I choose was a song from Justin Bieber. For me the most difficult parts is when I have to record it. Sometimes my voice was too loud and sometimes my voice was too low. So, I have to make it not really loud and really low, normal. 

From this project, I can understand more about adjective. The first things that we did is choose the video. And then we have to describe the video. After we describe it in a sentences, we have to make an adjective from the each sentences that we made. And we record it. We also adding some sound effects. I think it was fun. This is my project about adjective. Enjoy!

I have a question for it. My question is "How many adjectives that we can choose in one sentence?"
If I have mistakes, I hope that you can make a comment for it. I will appreciate it. 

-Thank you-