Friday, December 17, 2010

The Big Earthquake

At September of 2007, I was feel the first earthquake. Actually, maybe it was hundredth small (weak) earthquake in my hometown (before in here). For me, it was the biggest earthquake that I had been feel. The very very first one was when I am 2 years old.

The second earthquake (at September 2007) happen when I was playing computer with my brother. But a few minutes later, I felt that something is wiggled my chair. I thought it was my brother. After I asked him, he told that he wasn't wiggle my chair. I felt that wiggled again. But the wiggled become more fast and fast.

Then, I felt a little bit strange. People in my house was screaming. I keep asking my self why people screaming. My father ran to near us and told us to move as fast as we can. I become really afraid because of that thing that wiggled on my chair, now it become wiggling my home. It really fast. My father told us to go down stairs. I already move as fast as I can but my legs were shivering and that wiggle become really really fast. I saw many people ran away from the tall building and walk on traffic. We also went to the traffic. So, the traffic become really crowded. I also heard the plates and the glasses are dropped to the floor. It was really noisy. My mother told me that was an earthquake. In my hometown, it often to happen.

I was become calm down when that earthquake was stop. I want to go up stairs again, but my mom didn't allow me because she was afraid that earthquake will happen again. At the night we were go around to see the condition of the homes after earthquake happen. And I saw many homes were broken.

Next day, mom allowed me to go up stairs. Oh my gosh.... What happen here I asked my self. My home was messy. The plates and glasses were on the floor. My toys were dropped to the floor too. I really shocked when I saw the wall on my home was also cracked. Also the pipe in my home was broken. So, my home was a little bit flooding. Even I can't express my home with the words. I just can say it was MESSY.

Finally, my dad bought tickets for us to go to my grandma home in Jakarta. Not really in Jakarta but exactly in "Cibubur" near Bogor. I was really happy. I am not afraid again because my grandma's home is really strong. While I was in my grandma's home, I am off from school. Last time, I am not happy when I school. But now, I don't know why I can lazy to go to school.

Until now, I still remember that "Earthquake" moment. And I think, until now, in my old hometown, there are still a weak earthquakes that happen in night. It is rarely on morning. I don't know why.

I am glad, that I can share my story to you. I hope this story can makes you happy. And by the way, thanks for reading my long story.

Image by: Yume Photo

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I was curious about why we can dream when we sleep. I curious about it since I grade 5. At that time, I had a really bad dream or like nightmare. And it's looks really really real for me. I was curious about it because when I dream, I feel it really looks real. Why? Is that real? Is that like we have that moment in the very very long time ago? Sometimes I can have a very good dream and I can have a nightmare. Why it can be happen? And after I dream and I wake up, I can't remember about the dream, just the people that in my dream. I don't know what happen if I dreaming. I also find many people that I never seen before. My friends said "You don't have believe it!". They also said, dream is just what I want, but that was not achieved. So we imagine we have that things, etc. But I also think about it. Even my mother advised me, to not to believe it all. It's just a dream. Not the real one. She often said that. But it rarely helped me. I always try to understand and remember the word that they said to me. But I always remember that nightmare. It makes me afraid.

I also wanted to know where are we if we dream? I am so confused about it. Am I in that place or may be in another place? At the last time, about two weeks or three weeks before, I saw my little brother talk to me but he was still slept. He spoke but it was unclear. And I think some people already feel like that. Even he was walk but he still slept. I called him but he just spoke with unclear while walk to the bed again. I really shocked and also I afraid. I ask my mother what happen, she just said my little brother had a nice dream. He was in really nice place at his dream. I still didn't believe it. Why it can be happen? When we talk or walk when sleep, are we fell it? Why we can't fell it? If I met some people in the dream, is they had a same dream with me, or not? And the last question that I curios is "How can I don't have a dream during I sleep?"

I think that is that I really really curious about. There are some questions that still in my mind. Why? What happen? And where? It's all about dream. If you have the answer that you know, you can comment on my post. I will like to read that because I really confused about it. Thank you. I hope you enjoy!

Image by: Jer Kunz