Sunday, October 31, 2010

Storybird Reflection

A few weeks ago, my language B teacher, Mr.Jabiz, told me, not only me but us, to record a podcast from a story we wrote using pictures from Storybird

First, we searched for images from Storybird. There we're many images, so made me confused to choose that images.  It was hardest things because I was so confused.

The second one, we choose the image that we wanted to make story and then we created 15 slides from that images. We must made sure there is a problem in the story.

Third, we must added text to each slide. This part was easy one because if we know what story that we wanted to make, it easy.

Then, we added adjectives to each slide. I liked this part because I can practice my grammar in English language. But it was hard job for me.

If we done for added adjective, we changed all the word that not past tense into past tense. That is not a hard part but we must to thorough so we didn't make mistake. 
Took screen shoot from each slide. It was a easiest things from all of the things I did it because it was so fast.

Copied all text to word document. I enjoyed this part because It was not really hard job

And then, we had print every slide  to a large story board. Not really hard job but it was take a long time.

After that, we added sensory language, such as, smell, sound, feelings and touch. In this part, we can imagine each slides that I made.

And then, we must extended one or two conversations in our text.

This is my Storybird that I made

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

About Myself

Hi! My name is Sharene. Now, my school is in Sinarmas World Academy. I have two brothers. I like painting, shopping, playing piano and listening to music. I want to be a professional architect So, enjoy my blog!!