Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Reflection on Ballerina

After making my story using Storybird, I began to record it as a podcast. There are a lot of different things from telling a story and reading the story. When I telling a story, I must express to make the story become interesting. We also have to make people not bored with our stories. For me, the most difficult part is when I record my voice. I was embarrassed when I do that and sometimes, I made mistake so I must repeated again.

However the most easy was when I edited all of the effects in Garageband, because I just choose a suitable effect. I also can played with the effect. The important things when telling a story is use expression. That’s it. Don’t be embarrassed to everybody and I going to be better. I think I’m not successful to do that. Because sometimes I still embarrassed to record my voice. I very enjoy making the podcast because it was fun. I made it for 10 days. In school I record and in my home I fixed the mistakes.

I understand what is the different from reading story and telling the story. The different is if I reading the story, the tone just flat/basic. But, If I telling a story, I must do it with expression. The part that I enjoy is when I edit the effects because it was easy job. The part that I not enjoy is when I record and telling the story because I still embarrassed.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


This is my first podcast. I made it in my Language B and with Mr. Jabiz

Her name was Grace, she was 13 years old, and she liked to dance especially ballet. She was the first daughter and the second one was Christine. One afternoon she was listening to ballet music. It was so quiet and elegant.

However, her mom didn’t like ballet because ballet was too soft. Mother didn’t like softness, but she very loved and cared for her children. When her mom was angry, in Grace’s mind, she just heard an angry music, with a bad tone. If her mom was angry, she felt so sad.

When she wanted to go to ballet course, she was hearing the sound of transportation, and suddenly, when she almost arrived, mom called her with a loud voice.
"Grace!! Where you want to go?" said mom.
"Ballet course, mom" she muttered.
"What?!?" said mom.

So, Grace went to ballet course silently. She just heard traffic sound, birds, and laughing people around her. She smelled their perfume. She was in trouble if her mother or father saw her on the road. Grace will dodge and slither so they couldn’t look at her. She looked at all her friend but all of her friend could go to ballet course easy.
"I hope mom don't know if I go to Ballet course." said Grace to her self.

And if her mom knew, she will angry. It liked the last time, angry voice, with bad tone.
"Grace! I know where you go. You go to Ballet course right?” said mom.
"I am sorry, mom," said Grace sad.

Moreover, Grace always thinks why her mom didn’t like ballet. In addition, she felt strange because she smelled the coffee and soft music. “Why smell coffee?” she thought.
One day Grace said, " Mom, can I ask a question?”
"Yes honey, what is that?" answered mom.
"Why you don't like ballet?" asked Grace.
"Because it is too soft." said mom.
It was a simple answered.

However, Grace cooled down if her mother was angry. This time, she heard her mom played soft music while cooked, so the smelled was food. It made her self felt better.
“Grace, you have to be patient," she said to her self.

On sunny day, royal trumpet and kingdom drum sounded. It meant soldier in the city was come. Some of the people wanted to know what was going on to say. In addition, he told everyone that there will be competition ballet and the opponent was east kingdom.
"Attention all of the resident in this kingdom! Tomorrow there will be competition ballet. For those who want to participate in this competition, directly list on the kingdom and must wearing ballet clothes. And if win, the East Kingdom will give you package and money!" said that soldier. Some people in the city were eating, so there was smell of food.

Grace was very happy. She prayed to God and she hoped she won. She also hoped her mom allowed Grace to follow this competition.
“I hope I win and mom allow me to follow this competition," prayed Grace. When she prayed, she didn’t hear anything. It was so quiet, soft, relax, and smelled was so good.

Next day after the soldier told the announced, Grace told to mom if there was a ballet competition.
"Mom, when you worked yesterday, there was an announcement from the soldier,” said Grace.
"What does that soldier say?" asked mom.
"They announced about ballet competition," answered Grace.
“So, what do you want?” asked mom to Grace.
“Actually when I hear the news that there will be a ballet competition, I was very happy and I want to participate. However, I scary if you don’t give consent because you doesn’t like ballet,” told Grace honestly to her mother.
“So?” asked mom.
“So I want to participate to that ballet competition mom… Would you allow me to participate to that competition, please?” asked Grace hopefully.
“Hmm… But only for this time, ok?” said mom.
“So you let me allow to that competition?” said Grace.
“Yes!” said mother.
“Thank you mom! Thank you so much! I promise to give the best performance for you!” said Grace happy. She hugged her mom because she was very happy. Nothing could be listened to. There was only happy music and feeling very happy!

At the time, trumpet sounded and the King told that competition was begin.
"Attention of the participants ballet competitions, that competition will begin!" said King. Some people said “The smell of food in here, so nice!”

Ballet music was play with beautiful tone and Grace dance ballet with a very elegant, soft and very nice dance. And the smelled was flowers because some audience brought flowers to Grace or for the other contestants.

All of the audience was very impressed to her dancing, especially her mother.
"Go Grace, go!!" the supporters shouted Grace.
Finally, she got applause from the audience. Audible the audiences clap for Grace. They were very happy.

And finally, Nessa announced the winner of this competition.
" My name is Nessa and my job to tell who the winner. And, the winner is ... Grace! Give her applause!" said Nessa. Again, drum and royal trumpet sounded.
And she got a package and money from the East Kingdom. But the other contestants didn’t complain and they gave congratulations to Grace.

Her mom allowed Grace to be a Ballerina. And Grace was very happy. After that competition, her mom liked Ballet and softness because of Grace. And now, her mother realized, Grace was have talent to be Ballerina.
"I am sorry my dear. Now, I know that you have a talent to be a ballerina," said mom.
"Thank you mom," said Grace.
They’re laughing together because they were very happy. And they are being a happy family ever after. There was no screamed, fighting or anything. There was only peace.


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