Thursday, January 20, 2011

Learn Poetry

We are starting to study poetry in my English class and I feel fun with it. I just have a problem when read it. I like to write poetry because when we write a poetry, we can shows what we feel. Also we can show that we see, hear, touch smell and taste. Basically, write poetry is fun and I really interested when write it. But I don't like when I have to read that poetry. I am to embarrassed to do it. Last Friday (14 January 2011), we went to being outside. It really fantastic and I having so much fun in there because I could write what I wanted. We have to write what we feel, see, hear, etc in detail. Now, I know that our school is cool when see in detail. There are so much things that we didn't know before. I saw a big tractor, blue sky with a cloud like cotton, colorful flower like candy, etc. For the photographs that Mr. Jabiz show to us, I think it really nice capture. The lights and the color is really good. The photo is simple but for me it's detail. So, I can explain that picture too. I think people can make poetry easier when look that picture. Mr. Jabiz was telling us about 'walls'. I think, that walls make our self shy to shows what we want. But, we have to take that walls down. It's not easy job because we have to fight to don't become shy and embarrassed anymore. It's really hard. I think enough for now, I will continue this post later

Image by: pgc


Now, I am studying about parts of speech at my ESL class. As I learned, parts of speech are divided into eight categories. There are noun, adjective, adverb, conjunction, preposition, pronoun and interjection. Noun is a person, place thing and idea. Noun is also divided into seven categories. There are common noun, proper noun, compound noun, singular noun, plural noun, concrete noun and abstract noun.

The meaning of common noun is a name of something that non-specific, but proper noun is the name of something that specific (with capital). Singular noun mean one thing and plural noun mean more than one thing. Compound noun is one word that can stand alone but also can be combined to make one word. And the last one is concrete noun, mean something that can we touch, hear, smell, see and taste, different with abstract noun. Abstract noun is the opposite of concrete noun. That is my opinion about the parts of noun

During the lesson, we working as a group with Google Docs. Google Docs is in Gmail. I think it is fun. We can share each other. I like to use Google Docs. With Google Docs, we can see what another classmate wants to write. We also use Flickr to search some images. I think it's good. I like to use it. I think use Flickr make us to search the images that available for us to use and edit it. When I began to learn grammar, I think it will be bored. And I am a little bit confused about what is noun, verb, adjective and adverb. But after I learned it, it's fun. And I also now I know all of them.