Thursday, June 2, 2011

Final Post

In my ESL class, I can make project about anything we want. This was the first time that I can make any project that we want to make. First I still confused what I have to do, but finally I choose designing a watch, because I like to design. My classmate also made an interesting project. For example, Nabila make a t-shirt, Lidya make a cupcake, Rafi make a lego robot, Wyan make a torch, etc. You can visited their blog too for your inspiration... : )

So first, I made a post about knowledge. In 'knowledge' stage, I have to gain more information about my project by searching. Secondly, I need to make a post about comprehension. In comprehension stage, I have to understanding more about my project. Then, the next step, I was making the project. It was in application stage. So now, in this analysis stage, I have to answer the UOI question, orally identify the problems when design it, and make a commercial for my final watch. This is the question that I made before:
“Why and how is design important to making a watch?” 
Design is important for many reason. First, with the unique design of wristwatch makes people more fashionable. The design can makes fashion in our simple life. Therefore, people can be more ‘up-to-date’, and look more ‘charming’. It also makes people think that watch is not only for showing the time and date, but also make people that follow the trend of fashion.

Beside that, design is some kind of art. Designing a watch is also a part of work of art. A lot of people like art. Hence, they can create watches as many as they can. Thus, they can make an auction of it, and they can earn money from it. When they create a ‘new’ design of watch, they also can be more creative and imaginative.

Lastly, the next benefit is people can make some collections of watches. For those people who like watch, typically in the design, they like to make a collection of watch. It will acquire more motivation and inspiration of people to design.

This is my commercial about the watch that I designed

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