Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Design Watch

Hello there! Back again to my ESL class. For now, the task is really different from all of the project that we did. In this project, we can choose anything we want. I fell excited about it. So, I got a little bit confused about what will I do. Finally, I choose to design a watch. If I can, I will do it in 3D. I never make this before. I also don't know how to do it. So, I decided to search about watch.

I think I will draw it first in paper. And scan it with the printer that already provide in our school. Then, I will search the program that I can use some program that I find. I went online and I got this website. It makes me know what can I use to design the watch. After I read that website, I will use Google Sketch Up and Adobe Photoshop. I will make try to make it as the one that I draw. For a little bit help, I think I can use Adobe Illustrator to help me a little bit.

I decided to search some web for the design. For me, this website, called "Time2" have many different kind of watch. I like some of the design of it. Still in Time2 but in the different URL. I know it is perplexing. In that page you can find  colorful, cool, and different. In this exhaustive web, I can imagine the model of the watch that I will make. So, you should check it out! This is 2 example that I got from Time2

Amandeep Singh design this watch.

I really like this one! The color is so cute! This watch made by Ruth Poole

The second comprehensive website that I found called "Time by design". When we click 'enter' and 'our products', we can see the example of their product like I took above. All of the watches are so unique and cool. It's not like an original watch. I pick this website because I think this website is cool. The watches that they show is There are 4 watches that be the example. Here is the example that I take from the web. This is the front of the example in web:

This is the covered when the first time we click 'our product'

We can called this 'The Digital Watch'.

I think it's like the second edition of 'The Digital Watch', so they called it ''The Digital 1 Watch'. I like this one! :)

This watch called 'The Pie Watch'. For me, this is cool and unique. But, I think it's hard to see/read the clock. What do you think guys?

They named this 'The Orbital Watch'. Maybe it's because the circle in the middle of the watch. I think it shows the second in time.

I won't use this example of watch for my project. It just for the ideas and so, we ca gain more knowledge about watch. 

-Thanks guys! I need your comment! :)-

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