Sunday, June 5, 2011

Freak the Mighty Essay

Max is a lonely protagonist in this novel that never had his confidence without Kevin, an adventurous main character. At first, they were not friend, however they started to make a faithful friendship. Finally, they make a ‘freak’ community, and they called it Freak the Mighty. They both have their own weakness. People called them abnormal. Max which is also kicker, has a big body but he is like a stupid boy. Brainy Kevin is very smart boy, but his body didn’t grow up.
Actually, the one most important theme in Freak the Mighty novel is family and friendship.
First, Max want to try to make a friend with Kevin. Therefore, he invited Kevin to ‘the down under’, which is Max’s room. He just knew that Kevin is a brainy boy. Max learned many things from Kevin, such as his father, when abruptly Kevin’s mom, which is Fair Gwen, come over to the down under and took Kevin back to his home. Ultimately, Fair Gwen felt guilty after Kevin told Fair Gwen how good was he. So, Fair Gwen invited Max’s family as her apologize. At the first, Max was still mad, but then, he cooled down and accept her apologize. They had a small dinner, and they had a lot of fun. They ate and drank which is really succulent. Max also knew that Fair Gwen is a fun and good person. I think this dinner is important to their relationship between Max’s family and Kevin’s family. They can become more closer, and also know each other deeply.

Furthermore, it’s Fourth of July. Grim really care about Max. He afraid of everything that Max do, but in this event, Grim and Gram allowed Max to go. In addition, Max saw that their dad got drunk. Everything was really busy with their activities. In the middle of the night, there were fireworks. Small little Kevin couldn’t really watch that charmed fireworks in the middle of that dark night. Some other tall and greedy people want to see that amazing fireworks. They all cover up Kevin. Thus, he could not really watch that fireworks. Immediately, Max put Kevin up to his shoulder, and Kevin was really happy. He shouted as loud as he can. They were all can watch the fireworks. This event makes Kevin and Max become more close friend. Kevin knew that Max was a care person.

And the last but not least is happened in the Christmas Eve were Max’s family and Kevin’s family had a little party for celebrating Christmas Eve. They share foods, drinks and gifts each other. From Kevin, Max got a pyramid shaped box. Inside that box, there is Kevin’s dictionary that Kevin made just for Max. However, the cunning Killer Kane, which is Max’s dad, sneak through the Max’s room in the down under. He kidnapped Max, and he went to Loretta Lee’s house. After they had some little conversation, instantaneously, Killer Kane pursue Loretta to the basement. He strangled Loretta when finally Kevin came and brought a gun. With that gun, Kevin succeed to fool Killer Kane, and he saved Loretta’s life. Eventually, they escape from Killer Kane. It’s all because Kevin that tried to save Max from Killer Kane. For me, I choose this because this topic can make more relationship between Max and Kevin’s family become more more closer, and they were like a family. Max really thankful to Kevin that saved his life.


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