Thursday, June 30, 2011

Moving School

Hi. I'm back to this blog that I made in SWA. So, basically, I will move this year, grade 8. It was fun to be here, at SWA, especially studied with Mr. Jabiz for English and ESL. I just want to say thank you for everything that I learned from the teachers. To be honest, my favorite teachers for 1 year in SWA are Mr. Jabiz, Mr. Frank, Mr. Bruce, Ms. Hani and Mr. Rick. My favorite subjects are ESL, Math  (sorry for math haters : P, but I like it), and PE for some games). I'll also miss my lovely laptop, although, sometimes it was error, but it's lovely. I'm moving because my parents want it, and also because of my home, now, is far away from SWA. So, overall, it was great and so fun with my friends. I don't know if my friends hated me or no (big smile for my haters), but thanks for everything guys. Miss you! One year in SWA was not enough for me, but this is it. Two things I want and not reached in the seventh grade are I got the new laptop and I can study both Mandarin and ESL. Big thanks to Mr. Jabiz and my ESL classmate for helping me, learning more, and so I can improve my English language. I hope that Mr. Jabiz and my classmate can see this little message from me. I'll keep blogging! :)

-Sincerely, me, Sharene-

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