Thursday, April 14, 2011

Chapter 1 and 2-Freak the Mighty book

After we read about Freak the Mighty chapter one and two, we answered quiz. This is the summary of chapter one and chapter two;

Chapter one) The Unvanquished Truth

Freak (Kevin) and Max (Kicker) met for the first time in Day Care. Then, they also met for the second time in the summer before they would go up to grade eight. Freak has something strange or defects in the legs, so he had to wear something like a robot on his feet. Max, he could not read well, so it should take L.D class. Max's mother is dead, so Gram and Grim take care of him.

Chapter two) Up From the Down Under

Max lives in the basement along with Grim and Gram. They called the room was 'the down under'. Max is also often lays under the bed and think he is a cloud. Basement has a small window. Fair Gwen(Freak's mom) and Freak, moved and finally become a neighbor of Max. When Max left the basement and go to the Freak's home, Freak happy to welcome him. Max and Freak are very happy.

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